Get your Board on Board at your next event: A Checklist for Activation

Hello Board Member! You are awesome for all that you do! Here are some tips to be an AWESOME event ambassador!


  • Get your guests excited about your “Why”
    • Why are you involved with this organization? Why do you dedicate your time, talent and treasure to impact the world through their great work? What is your elevator speech that you give your table guests? Share this!
  • Prepare your guests to give and raise their paddle!
    • Share with your guests that this event is a Fundraiser and we will be asking them to participate. Tell them you are excited to “Raise Your Paddle” and the impact that it has on those your organization serves. Invite your guests to join you at a level that is inspirational to them! No matter how large or small a gift, a generous donation makes a big difference when everyone gives something
  • Tell your guest they will have FUN and will meet new friends!
    • Fundraising is FUN!

At Event

  • Be a good host
    • Meet 3 or more new people and welcome them to the event. Ask them how they are connected with the organization. Share your “Why” pitch with them and thank them for making an impact tonight
  • Be fundraising forward
    • Keep conversations on Fundraising and Impact of the organization. Share the great things that are happening within and around the organization. Get excited about the Fundraising that will be happening
    • Share your experience on social media. Always use the hashtags! Tell your network how much you love this event and organization!
  • Be a good role model
    • Lead by example. When Connection hour is complete and the ballroom opens, guide your guests to your table. Don’t be the last one to enter the ballroom. All great events start on time!
    • Be quiet during speeches and videos and invite your guests to do the same
    • Cheer when asked to cheer
    • Raise your paddle. You are a leader in this organization, you are also a leader in giving. The audience looks to you as a board member to invest in this organization. Now is the time!
  • Be a part of the Thank You team
    • Any time someone raises a paddle near you, go shake their hand, give a high five or a hug (When appropriate) and be gracious for the gift they just made. Welcome them to the organization as a donor!
    • After the event, thank everyone you see for coming and being a part of the social change you are making with this organization

After the event

  • Now the real Fundraising begins!
    • Call your guests the next day to thank them for attending
    • Write Thank You notes to your assigned list provided by the development team. This helps with future fundraising!
    • Follow up with new friends you met at the event and thank them for attending. Ask them if they would like to be more involved. Turn conversation to development team
    • Share your experience and the events success on social media! “This was an INSPIRING event and we helped impact the world! Click here to learn more”

Thank you for your time and dedication to making this an amazing event! Your passion and willingness to help can mean everything for the future of fundraising with this organization! Every relationship and dollar count.


If you would like to get a larger view of the Paddle Raise process or would like to bring it to another organization, please visit: Howtodoapaddleraise.com for more valuable information


Have an INSPIRING day!



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