Passion, Purpose and Podcast: Co-founder Erin Ward Featured on Create Your Own Life Podcast

Our Co-Founder, Erin Ward is one of the top female Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) in the country and the leads the way in special event fundraising in New York City. She is a third generation auctioneer from New York.

Erin Ward is one of the leading Paddle Raise Experts, teaching nonprofits around the nation on “The Art of the Ask” and how to raise more money in less time with greater guest experience. When you put passion and experience behind your Fund A Need, fundraising magic can and does happen!

Erin regularly shares the stage with celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Bon Jovi, Hozier, Florence Henderson, Melissa Joan Hart and Terri Hatcher. Annually, Erin raises millions of dollars for nonprofits.

Thank you to @jeremyryanslate for having @auctionerin on your show!

Have a listen here?

467: How Passion Drives this Auctioneer to Raise $100+ Million for Charity | Erin Ward

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