Event in 2021? What is your “Plan V” Workshop

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You always have a plan B for your Fundraising Event. Tent if it rains, heater if it’s cold, generator if you lose power…..

About this event

…but what are you doing to be prepared if your In-Person Event or Gala has to pivot?

We all hoped to be in-person, this year, but at this rate, nobody knows. If you already planned to go virtual or hoping to host an in-person event but need a backup plan, Virtual Fundraising Hosts and Producers, Erin Ward and Bobby D. Ehlert of Inspire Hearts Fundraising will be sharing solutions for what your “Plan V” could look like to save your fundraising event this year.

After hosting virtual events with tons of success, they know what to do and what not to do. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best way to tell your story, advance your impact and engage your donors in an easy “Just in Case” method to be prepared for the storm that may be upon us soon. Get those umbrellas and galoshes…it’s better to be “Safe” than “Sorry.”

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