Looking into the Fundraising Crystal Ball of Gala Events 2024

New Season 3!

Insights from 2023 and Predictions for 2024 Nonprofit Gala Fundraising Season

Happy New Year everyone It’s Bobby D with the Heart of the Gala podcast and Inspire Hearts fundraising and I’m so excited to be here. This is our first episode of our newest season here in 2024 I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s and we’re able to celebrate all of that happened in 2023 and now are like us looking forward into 2024. We have a tagline this year talking about “raising more in 24” and we want to help you with that. Today talking here on the podcast about future predictions of what we’re going to see in 2024. And let’s do that together as I look back at the accomplishments that we at inspire hearts were able to have happen. To last year and launching this podcast was a big thing for it. We’ve seen a great comments and questions that are coming out from the community. And that gives us this opportunity to share the information that we have with you our nonprofit professionals with you our event coordinators event planners maybe you’re you sit on a school board or maybe you sit on a parent teacher association or maybe are just in love with an organization You want to help them have a great event and you want to be able to look into that crystal ball and see here this is how we’re going to change some things this year And this is how we’re going to take a couple risks We’re going to kind of jump off the cliff a little bit but your parachute is not going to open unless you jump.

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