Virtual Event Fundraising

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So many questions??? We’re sure you are thinking these and more!

Are you evolving your event to virtual?

Virtual Event Fundraising
Connect your community through Virtual Event Fundraising

What is a Virtual Event?

Where do I start?

With 100’s of events and over $200 million raised, we have the experience and knowledge to help you make the pivot your Virtual Event Fundraising. Together we will find a solution for enhancing a virtual giving experience. Whether it is a Virtual Auction, Virtual Gala,  Virtual Fundraiser or any other idea you might have for a virtual event, we have the connections to the right fundraising technologies, live streaming platforms, and virtual engagement opportunities to raise as much as you can! With these technologies you also have to utilize Virtual Event Fundraising best practices with marketing, storytelling, actual fundraising and effective follow through to create the best donor experience possible.

EXPERIENCE is what we are creating.

IMPACT is what we are aspiring to do.

INSPIRATION will lead the way.

After conducting 30+ virtual events since March 30th, 2020…we know what works, we know what doesn’t and we are willing to brainstorm and think bid with you! 

Bobby D. and Erin Ward Virtual Fundraising Hosts and Experts

We LOVE to help nonprofits raise money, awareness and inspire your donors to fund your mission<3

Do you have questions on virtual events? Let’s set up a call to talk about options and solutions.

Here is the resource list for you! This page will continue to grow and evolve to keep up with the times!

Virtual Event Fundraising Connections w Funraise

Virtual Event Fundraising Gala Case Study


Online Giving Technology Resource List

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