Virtual Event Success Support

Great! You have moved in the virtual world.  You trained your whole lives to get to this place and then it went Virtual.  That wasn’t part of the plan.   You never pictured your boss in your living room or your biggest donors in your studio apartment.  Sure it’s simple… log into Zoom and there you are, right? Yet all that prep work you used to do for your in person meetings meant so much to the success of the meeting and here you are with that amazing opportunity but…… why is it up my nose? What do I wear? How do I sync the platforms? How come they cant see me? How can this look professional from home?  How can I show all my amazing work and brilliance when I look like I’m underwater… and honey that virtual background isn’t fooling anyone!

What about those of us that are taking to the big screen!!! We used to stand on stage ready to speak to hundreds.  You rented gowns, put on your stage make up, wrote out scripts, studied donors and schmoozed boards, you stepped on stage and the sound person made everyone hear your message.  The lighting person made sure the perfect glow happened at its ost impactful  moment. But here we are at home…. talking to thousands and the messaging and donations are more important that ever…. Maybe you can afford a full production team or maybe not but its doesnt change how important this moment is. Yet why wont my zoom and my Facebook Live and my YouTube Live all work at the same time? Why can’t I mute him? Did someone in the supreme court just flush their toilet???

Look, we have a million questions from a million angles but really we needed a connector.  So now you have the answer to your question…..

Who do you call? Virtual Bobby D!

Bobby has made it his mission during this time to become a fixer….to figure out who to call and who to call and how to get through it all.

Need support with ALL things in this new Virtual World?

Help with things Virtual-

  • Zoom calls
  • Home Studio Setup
  • Livestream systems
  • Fundraising Technology
  • Technology integration
  • In front of camera performance improvement
    • balance
    • sound
    • coloring
    • volume
    • shiny forhead syndrom
    • background balance
    • floating head
    • What to wear
  • Behind the scenes systems creation
  • Connecting all the dots?

Bobby D. can help!

With over 10,000 hours behind a microphone and in front of a camera, Bobby D. can help you save time, energy and frustration getting all of this to work for you! I’ve spent 100’s of hours in research, $1000’s in equipment testing and have gone through the headaches to be successful in this new Virtual Event Fundraising reality.

What you will receive:

  • Expert Coaching, Consultation and Brainstorming
  • Build your system to work for you
  • Screenshare of what I am using and my workflow
  • Direct links to technologies and support
  • Copy of our recorded zoom session
  • Successful test of your process and production

$250 per hour (1 hour minimum, multiple hour discount)

20% discount for Registered Nonprofits

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